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**[TRANSVESTITE/Transsexual] By Whiskey Is Good [Brett & Melissa.] It was New Year's Eve, 2006 going in to 2007.

' Abby asked as we stood looking at the costumes splayed out on her bed.

***** After snapping out of harsh daddy's words[SISSY/Gangbang] By sissy77 [A sissy is turned into a gangbang cum slut for the night.] I have always seen myself more feminine than most guys I grew up with.

Slim and hairless throughout my body, more curvy than muscular.

It was 11PM and just before I paid the admittance fee, I stopped to look at myself in the mirrored walls.

Reflected before me was a sexy, if a little sluttish lookin[SISSY/Blackmail] By maxy007 [A high school senior's party game of 'truth or dare' goes wrong.] It was your usual high school gathering.

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T[SISSY/Domination & Submission] By Pippa [Pippa's transformation continues.] 'Get up and bend over in front of me.

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